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July 2020


  • New metric | Top transactions table (It's connected metric with Transaction volume)
  • New metric | Bitmex Basis Ratio
  • New metric | Holders distribution (You can add more than one Holders Distributions in your chart layout)
  • You can apply any chart layout from your watchlist
  • We add settings for the watermark for our charts.
  • Webhooks for alerts works with Discord.
  • New metric | Sentiment Weighted
  • On Alerts page we add the featured list of alerts. It's a good examples of usage
  • Add keyboard navigation in all search by assets.
  • Fix when search list was empty
  • Add formatting for Exchange Flow Balance metric
  • Fixes for tooltip UX
  • Fixes for Alpha reports
  • Fixes Login/Create an account Flow
  • Shift swapped to CMD + Click for Transactions Table
  • The huge update for Santiment Charts. There is much more flexibility to setup your own dashboard based on Santiment metrics.

June 2020


  • Webhooks for Alerts
  • Dev activity on Desktop now looks better (default MA 7 days)
  • MVRV Long/Short looks better. (Area lines, percents instead of ratio)
  • Add Sentiment Metrics (Finally on Santiment App we have Sentiments 😄 )
  • Add Derivatives Metrics (For BTC & ETH)
  • We rebuild fullscreen for the Chart. It's bigger now
  • Chart becomes bigger
  • Grid on the Chart becomes more granular
  • Chart layouts - small fixes
  • You can open our chart tool right from navigation now
  • Add Frequencies for each metric in "Explanation" sidebar
  • Add Price in BTC & ETH
  • New Alert: MVRV Intraday
  • Many fixes for links and docs
  • New minimap feature:
  • New Select&ZoomIn feature for Sanbase Charts
  • You can edit the calendar as a text.

May 2020

  • Sanbase: You can setup manually amount of top holders for next metrics


  • Sanbase: Add categories for Quick Search


  • Sanbase: All projects now have Social Volume metric available.

  • Sanbase: Our chart has 2 Axis support now.


  • Sanbase: Social tool has better suggestions. And some small changes for better UX.


April 2020

  • Sanbase: Social tool has a new feature. "Comparing". You can compare any topics and assets by social volume and social dominance.


  • Sanbase: You can save your ideas with new feature "templates" and manage them in profile

search search

  • Sanbase: We have a new flow for selecting a datetime interval


  • Sanbase: You can add an alert for any "text" topic in our social tool.


  • Sanbase: We add very specific metric for Ethereum. Say welcome to Miners Balance

miners balance

  • Sanbase: New Top Holders metric on Sanbase Charts

top holders

March 2020

  • Sanbase: We add Twitter % changes 24h, 7d

twitter changes

  • Sanbase: You can create alerts right from the chart with shortcuts.

signals on chart

  • Sanbase: ICO price can be visible right on the chart

ico price

  • Sanbase: Studio supports comparison our metrics and assets now


  • Sanbase: We add a better explanation for our metrics on •Studio•


February 2020

  • Sanbase: We add time bounds metrics


  • Sansheets: =SAN_MEAN_DOLLAR_INVESTED_AGE function has been published

  • Sanbase: New look of Santiment Studio. Our chart tool is much ease to use now. charts

  • Sanbase: First time to see our new feed. Where you can find latest hot events, insights and anomalies in the crypto world. And now Santiment has own Indices. feed

  • Sanbase: It's time to pay with crypto for our tools.

  • Sanbase: We've updated Sanbase's user profile. And you can track followers. profile

January 2020

  • Sanbase: We make fresh new chart's engine for our services. Now our charts become much faster. You can try it on our desktop web app -

  • Sanbase: Better mobile experience is here. Also you can open our chart in fullscreen mode. mdp

  • Sansheets:
  1. Removed SAN_NEWS function.
  2. Change order of returned data of SAN_OHLC function.
  • Sanbase/Insights: Now you can see an amount of comments per Insight total_comments

  • Sanbase: Small changes of our navigation super menu insights_dropdown

December 2019

  • Sanbase: Our profile page is live -

  • Sanbase/Insights: Let's talk about crypto in our new comments comments

  • Sanbase: User can toggle the fullscreen mode for our chart.

November 2019

  • Sanbase: Now you can check top trending words on our charts - trends-chart Just hovering the chart and moving the mouse pointer. This works with Social Volume metric.
  • Sanbase: You can use the new search field if you looking for some metric metrics-search
  • Sanbase/Sansheets/API: Finally we have unified header for all our services (except header
  • Sanbase Graphs: Graphs is the part of Sanbase account and user flow graphs

  • Sansheets: New function introduced =SAN_FUNCTIONS - returns a list of all the available san functions.

  • Sanbase.Insights Insights has a new widget with a list of assets in this insight. insights

  • Sanbase/Sansheets/API: Increased the historical access for paid plans: Sanbase/Sansheets: Pro plan now gives 5 years of access instead of 3 API: Basic plan gives 3 years instead of 6 months, Pro: 7 years instead of 1.5 years

  • Sanbase: Now you can download CSV data from our Sanbase's chart tool. csv

  • Sansheets: Some functions has been introduced:


October 2019

  • Sanbase: New weekly report for your watchlists. Now you can get hot info about assets from your watchlist in your inbox. weekly

  • Sanbase: New beta feature. You can setup simple pricing signal on the chart tool. signals-on-chart

  • Sanbase: Since today on-chain data is available on the charts for EOS (discontinued in May 2020), Ripple and Binance Chain. Binance Chain is available under the Binance Native name and binance-coin-native slug. The old Binance/binance-coin is still pointing to the ERC20 contract. Not all the available data is currently displayed, the frontend team is working on that.

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