Santiment Pro Report Samples

    On latest BTC fundamentals and the push to $14k

    With the U.S. election right around the corner and the third wave of Covid-19 sweeping the globe, we decided to take a deep look at the recent behavior of key Bitcoin stakeholders, and evaluate the top coin’s on-chain and social potential since the $13k push.

    Weekly Pro Report 2020-10-30.pdf

    Trading crypto in 2020: Do token fundamentals actually matter?

    In this week’s Pro report, we strapped our backtesting boots on to try and get an answer to one simple question: Does a portfolio of ‘fundamentally sound’ projects perform better than the market benchmark (holding BTC)?

    Weekly Pro Report 2020-10-16.pdf

    Charting the Unicorn: on $UNI’s on-chain activity, sell-side pressure and short term price potential

    Although it’s only been a week, Uniswap’s new token (UNI) has already given us heaps of on-chain and social data to analyze, speculate and use to make bold predictions about the coin’s short-term potential. In this week's Pro report, we look at UNI's fundamentals throughout the first 10 days, the on-chain activity that preceded its price correction and where the latest DeFi phenom might go from here.

    Weekly Pro Report 2020-09-25.pdf

    ETH vs ERC-20: A tale of two market caps

    While Ether’s market cap has been endlessly scrutinized, the market capitalization of ERC-20 tokens generally manages to stay under the radar. In fact, there has been very little serious research and attention dedicated to the ERC-20 market as a whole up until now. In this Santiment report, we take a closer look at the size of the ERC-20 market, its separate evolution over the years and its - if any - correlation to the ‘parent’ market cap of Ethereum.

    Weekly Pro Report 2020-09-04.pdf