Centralized Finance (CeFi) refers to financial services and applications that operate on blockchain and are provided by centralized entities or organizations, such as exchanges, banks, financial institutions, etc. Unlike DeFi, which are managed by smart-contracts, CeFi are rely on the central authority or entity which manages the financial transactions, executes trades, and stores users' assets.

    CeFi platforms typically offer higher speed, liquidity, and convenience compared to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, but they may also have higher fees, lower privacy, and greater risks.

    CeFi group includes other labels such as centralized exchange, fund and others. Visit this page to see full child labels list.

    Label fqn


    Label Examples

    Binance centralized exchange address: 0x28c6c06298d514db089934071355e5743bf21d60

    Alameda Fund address: 0x93c08a3168fc469f3fc165cd3a471d19a37ca19e

    Available Blockchains

    • ethereum