A deposit address is an address that belongs to some entity (e.g. centralized exchange) and used by that entity in order to distinguish between deposit transactions of different users.

    The address is considered as a deposit address if it satisfies 2 conditions:

    1. The address sends funds to a single entity only (single entity doesn’t mean single address; some entities owe few addresses)
    2. The address is not the entity itself it sends funds to.

    Most common case is a centralized exhcnage deposit. See the details on the picture below.


    Label fqn


    Label Examples

    Kucoin deposit address: 0xb50a586be6a5542c0da84ff42de0ebdf8761203c deposit address: 0x11e67b9ca21ae5ab385a31d03929bd0cc1c96bec

    Available Blockchains

    • ethereum