NFT trader


    The NFT trader label is assigned to a group of wallet addresses that have been actively involved in NFT trading in recent times. These labels are not permanent and can be attached or detached from addresses over time, depending on their NFT trading activity.

    To determine if an address qualifies as an NFT trader (i.e. if the address is active enough), we evaluate its NFT trades count and NFT trading volume against the 97.5 percentile of the NFT trades count and NFT trading volume of all addresses trading NFTs within a recent timeframe. This helps us identify the most active and significant NFT traders in the ecosystem.

    Label fqn


    Label Examples

    The address was labeled as NFT trader on May, 2nd, 2023: 0xb7b668c3dd82bbc8708d41146af74d415087969d

    Available Blockchains

    • Ethereum