Sanbase Plans


    Sanbase Plans provide access to various metrics through the Sanbase website. However, when a direct API call is made, the request is considered to be under the Sanapi Free plan.

    Free Plan

    • Full access to free metrics
    • Partial access to restricted metrics:
      • 2 years of historical data
      • Last 30 days of data is cut-off
    • Up to 10 signals definitions allowed
    • Detailed metrics access restrictions can be found here

    Pro Plan

    In addition to the Free Plan features, the Pro Plan offers:

    • Increased access to restricted metrics:
      • 5 years of historical data
      • Realtime data is not cut-off
    • No limit to Signals
    • Full access to Sansheets
    • Detailed metrics access restrictions can be found here

    Read our more detailed article on Pro Plan benefits.

    Pro+ Plan

    The Pro+ Plan includes everything in the Pro Plan, plus:

    • Dedicated account manager
    • SanAPI Basic plan
    • Exclusive webinars with Santiment Analytics
    • Private chat with Santiment market analysts
    • Custom education and onboarding