Sanbase PRO Features

    Our crypto behavior analysis & monitoring platform is packed with custom tools and features to give you context and remove noise from the crypto markets.

    Here’s a rundown of everything you now have access to with Sanbase Pro:

    Full Historical and Present-Day Data for All Sanbase Metrics

    Here are a few examples of how to use our metrics:

    Access to our private #sanbase-pro Discord channel

    With Sanbase Pro, you also get access to our private Discord channel on the Santiment server, known as #sanbase-pro. This exclusive channel is for our paid members, where you can engage in discussions about the current state of the markets and the direction of our data with both our staff and top-tier traders who use our platform! Discussions include:

    • In-depth analysis of Santiment's key leading indicators, and whether they're pointing to buy, hold, or sell opportunities
    • Assistance with any aspect of the platform that is causing you trouble
    • Improvement suggestions for our staff, and how we can create a better experience for you as a VIP member of Santiment's community

    Enjoy discussing anything and everything beyond just the more generic content found in our #general channel on the Discord server. You'll be amazed by the high-level discussions we have there, and the insights uncovered from our most valued members!

    Exclusive Market Insights with Sanbase Pro

    Sanbase Pro grants you access to special market reports and daily analysis produced by the Santiment team. Pro Insights include:

    • Actionable market calls based on our in-house signals and indicators
    • Daily briefs on the behavior of whales, miners, traders, and other market stakeholders
    • Timely analysis of short-term market trends and top coins to watch

    Each Santiment Insight doubles as a crash course on exactly how to use on-chain, social, and development data to clarify the crypto markets and its biggest driving forces.

    Learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

    Full Access to Sansheets

    Our plugin allows you to import Santiment data directly into Google Spreadsheets. To help you get started, we've provided a few pre-made Sansheets templates:

    Unlimited number of Signals

    and Access to All Future Signals Added to Sanbase (Coming Soon!)

    Here are a few pre-made Signals to get you started:

    Weekly Performance Analytics for All Your Sanbase Watchlists

    To activate them, click on "Weekly Report" in the upper right corner of your Watchlist's page.

    Special End-of-Month Reports from the Santiment Team

    We cover the most important findings from our data and metrics.

    If you have any questions, please let us know as soon as possible. Join our Discord for even faster assistance!

    A message from Maksim Balashevich, our founder:

    Excited to have you onboard - together we are crossing the sea from a centralized to a decentralized world, from uncertainty to clarity, from too much noise to "I get only what I need when I need it."

    This is a pretty long way to get to the final destination. But as is the case with every big journey, it starts with the first step. I’m excited we get to walk it together.