How to Buy SAN tokens

    To use the SAN token with our platform, you need to have it in a MetaMask wallet or a wallet supported by MetaMask (like Trezor or Ledger). We'll describe the three steps necessary to achieve that.

    Step 1: Install and set up MetaMask

    For instructions on how to install and set up MetaMask, see You will need an Ethereum address that will be used to hold SAN tokens, as well as to interact with the Santiment platform. You can either create a new wallet in MetaMask, import an already existing wallet, or connect MetaMask to a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor.

    Result of Step 1: Installed and working Metamask

    Step 2: Add funds to MetaMask wallet

    To get SAN tokens, you will need to swap them for ETH or another ERC20 token. You may acquire ETH from a centralized exchange like Bitfinex and then transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.

    Result of Step 2: Metamask wallet with ETH or ERC-20 token balance

    Step 3: Swap ETH to SAN Tokens

    You can use decentralized exchanges or decentralized exchange aggregators to swap ETH or some other ERC20 token for SAN tokens. They all work very similarly. Connect your Metamask wallet first, and then swap ETH for SAN tokens.

    Decentralized exchanges


    The SAN token is also available on Uniswap at the best rates.



    San tokens are also available on Kyber via Kyber Swap. If you don’t have any crypto, you may get it on Kyber using your credit card.



    The SAN token is available on Bancor. Once you connect your Metamask, you can purchase ETH on Bancor using your credit card to swap for SAN Tokens afterward.


    Decentralized exchange aggregators

    You can use a decentralized exchange aggregator like or to get SAN tokens. Using an aggregator could sometimes give you a lower price than using an exchange directly.

    Result of Step 3: Metamask wallet with SAN token balance

    What to do next?

    Now just login with a MetaMask account, which holds the SAN tokens. Alternatively, you can connect your Sanbase account with your Metamask wallet in the settings.

    We'll detect the SAN you're holding and grant you access to our discounts, based on the amount of tokens you hold.

    Here are a few resources you can refer to: