Assets Overview page


This page contain two sections:

  1. Categories These topics are specific asset lists that the Santiment Team created based on a certain aspect of the assets, e.g. Stablecoins. In case you have any feedback on these or you think we might be missing tokens in one of them, please consider getting in touch.

  2. Watchlists basically the same as Categories, but can be created by anyone.

Categories what we have

  • All Assets - contains all tokens we track across different blockchains.
  • ERC 20 - shows Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens only
  • Top 50 ERC20 - dynamic category, shows the 50 most prominent ERC20 projects we track.
  • Stablecoins - a curated list of assets that are supposed to have a fixed value
  • Decentralized Exchanges - a curated list of decentralized exchanges and their utility tokens
  • Centralized Exchanges - a curated list of regular exchanges and their utility tokens
  • Emerging trending assets - dynamic category with assets that in our Emerging trends today.

Each category page inside have the similar table as in the Watchlist page, but you can't modify the list of assets

How to create a watchlist