Keyboard Shortcuts

Site wide shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutDescription
/Select the Sanbase search bar
escWhen on pop-up modals like alerts, close the hovercard and return to the parent element


General shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutDescription
CMD(CTRL) + CLICKHover over any metric on the left-side menu to add it to the first chart
CMD(CTRL) + SHIFT + CLICKHover over any metric on the left-side menu to create a new chart with this metric selected
CMD(CTRL) + CLICKFor Holder Distribution metrics - select only a single group of holders (deselect all others)
CMD(CTRL) + \ Collapse the tree of metrics (left-side menu)
CMD(CTRL) + MOpen Mapview
CMD(CTRL) + LOpen Chart layout explorer
CMD(CTRL) + SSave Chart layout

Drawing Tools

Keyboard shortcutDescription
SHIFT + CLICKDraw straight lines on the chart by holding “Shift” while using the draw tool

Social tool

Keyboard shortcutDescription
CMD(CTRL) + CLICKAdd trending word to compare input


Keyboard shortcutDescription
SHIFT + CLICKApply multiple sorting by holding “Shift” and clicking in sortable column header