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With this tool you can display the amount of times your search term or phraseis mentioned in a specific medium.


To filter out the noise and only present relevant results, we focused on channels where at least 90% of all discussions center on crypto:

  • Telegram channels
  • Reddit

For additional context, the results are plotted against the price of BTC or ETH, allowing you to correlate market reactions to everyplace crypto chatter:

OR, AND, and parentheses

One graph will be displayed for the total mentions, as well as one for each data source. AND, OR (as well as parentheses) can be used to logically combine multiple search terms.

For example:

  • btc moon – for that exact phrase.
  • btc AND moon – for messages where both words appear, regardless if they’re next to each other or not.
  • btc OR moon – for messages where either word appears.
  • (btc OR bitcoin) AND moon – for messages where moon appears either with btc or Bitcoin

Refer to this blog post for examples of how to use this tool. Refer to this and this article for more information about how it works.

Social context

You could find a word cloud in sidebar. It's show which words are most often used alongside your main keyword on crypto social media. Larger words are found more frequently in comments that also include your main keyword.

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