After successfully logging into Sandata, you will see a general overview page. This page already shows most of Sandata navigational elements:

Metrics list and search - upper left corner

The first marked area in the upper left of the screenshot is where you will find a complete list of all available metrics, as well as a search function. You will be headed here in case the metric you are looking for is not displayed in one of the lists in the middle of the screen, in which case you can click on it there instead.

Time frame and other options - upper right corner

Let us have a look at the row of buttons in the upper right corner:

The first three buttons from left to right:

  • Mark a certain page as a favorite, making it easier to access frequently
  • Share the link to the metric(s) you are currently viewing
  • Change the view mode for more screen space, return by pressing escape on your keyboard

Time frame

The next one is very important within Sandata, as it shows (and helps you select) the time frame for whatever data you are currently looking at. There is two ways to adjust the time frame, one of which is to click here, which will open the following panel:

This will help you select any time frame you might need.

The second option to select a time frame is to click into any of our metric's graphs at the start of the required time frame, hold the button and drag the mouse to the end of the required time frame and then release it. This will let you dive down quickly into certain parts of a graph.

The last two buttons

  • Zoom out - adjusts the time frame, based on the current one, to give you a broader view
  • Refresh the currently displayed data

Get help - lower right corner

This is something you might be familiar with from our homepage or Sanbase: The option to get help from the Santiment support team anytime:

Clicking this will open a chat-like panel which you can use to get in contact with the support team - or to search this very knowledge base you are using right now.

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