As many of our on-chain (and other) metrics are Ethereum-based, we are not only able to look at Ether itself, but can apply many of the metrics to any ERC-20 token that we might be interested in.

When selecting 01. Overview. All ERC-20 tokens (more than 600) from the starting page of Sandata, you will be lead to the following list, which will allow you to pick the token you want for a certain set of metrics to be shown for:

Please note that this is a pretty long list, so the search function of your browser is your best friend here:

The first column shows the ticker of the asset, the second one shows the smart contract address. In case you are also utilizing our API, the project's slug might be interesting to you, which you can find in the third column.

The last four columns will lead to different sets of metrics about that particular token:

  • Blockchain Analytics - a huge list of on-chain metrics, have a look! For a full list of all metrics listed here, check out this article. It will lead you to articles about the listed metrics in detail, too.
  • Github Activity - shows how active the development team of the project seems to be on Github. We use a certain way to calculate this, find out more here.
  • Price-volume Difference Indicator - a metric that shows when our experimental signal has fired in the past. You can find our experimental signals on our Discord.
  • Top Holders - Find out about the (up to) 100 hundred accounts which rank highest in amount of tokens held - and how that list changes. Check out this article set to learn more.
  • Holders Distribution - shows a breakdown of how distributed the tokens of a network are. In other words, how many token holders hold how many tokens.

To find some of these metrics for Ether or Bitcoin, you can use the same terms and find them via the full metrics list in the upper left corner.

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