Bridge Transactions Table Overview


    A crypto bridge is a platform or protocol that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies between different blockchain networks, promoting interoperability and liquidity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    In Santiment Queries, we collect data from platforms or protocols which are trading cryptocurrencies across diverse blockchain networks:

    • Across
    • Arbitrum_bridge
    • Avalanche
    • Manta_pacific
    • Multichain
    • Op_bridge
    • Polygon_bridge
    • Squid
    • Stargate
    • Wbtc
    • Zksync_era_bridge
    • Zksync_lite


    Data Analysis and Reporting: This repository facilitates the analysis and reporting of transactions across various types of bridges, offering valuable insights into their utilization and acceptance.

    Monitoring and Alert Systems: Utilizing transaction data from bridges, teams can establish monitoring and alert systems to detect irregular or questionable activities across diverse bridge networks.

    Integration with Santiment Products: The exported data can seamlessly integrate with other Santiment products, like Sanbase, enhancing the overall understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape.

    Exploring the Tables

    We can inspect the table using the commands we learned in Exploration.

    Here, we've provided the Bridge Transactions table along with its columns, concise descriptions, and a few sample queries for you to delve into the data.


    The bridge_transactions table is designed to capture and store detailed information about transactions occurring on a bridge between different blockchain networks. Each row in this table represents a single transaction, and the table includes various attributes to provide comprehensive insights into the transaction process. It has the following columns:

    • tx_hash (String): Hash of the transaction.
    • log_index (UInt32): Log index of the event.
    • dt (DateTime): Date and time of the transaction
    • chain_in (String): The target blockchain to recieve the funds.
    • chain_out (String): The Blockchain from where the transaction was initiated
    • contract_addr (String): Address of the involved smart contract.
    • token_in (Nullable(String)): Type of token received from the bridge.
    • token_out (Nullable(String)): Type of token sent into the bridge.
    • amount_in (UInt256): Quantity of token_in.
    • amount_out (UInt256): Quantity of token_out.
    • project_name (String): Name or identifier of the associated project.
    • user (String): Identifier of the transaction initiator.
    • args (String): Additional transaction parameters or data
    • asset_in_ref_id (UInt64): Reference ID of the currency contract that can be used to retrieve additional information about the asset from the asset_metadata table.
    • asset_out_ref_id (UInt64): Reference ID of the currency contract that can be used to retrieve additional information about the asset from the asset_metadata table.
    • computed_at (DateTime): Timestamp indicating when the transaction details were recorded in the database.

    Sample Queries

    We've put together a dashboard with several queries to assist you in monitoring transaction volume and count, as well as the top 10 transactions or bridge flows. You can utilize our queries for a quick data check, or dive deeper by clicking on each query's name within the dashboard to customize them to your preferences.

    Bridge Dashboard