Santiment Testimonials

    by qz255

    *I brought membership for sentiment back in October 2021, and I have spent some time everyday on the platform. My reason for buying it was I hoped it would help me see major changes in the market, like what happened back in November.

    I was able to take some profit then (wish I had taken more). In reality I had not gained enough experience then to know what to look for. However I was able to successfully snipe super close to the top of CRO, CRV and Matic (that I had been holding for quite some time). I have also watched but did not take part in Cream setup that looked to play out really well.

    I still have so much to learn in this system, but it's already paid for itself. So far I'm finding the best use case for the data here is to confirm likely tops and bottoms in alts, I hope to learn more about spotting changes in overall market direction using this data over the coming months. I have learned quite a lot from the weekly videos and reports and there are still many parts of the system that I have hardly touched yet.

    I look at Sanbase charts most days and follow what people are talking about on the private discord channel. I made most use of the Network Realized Profit Loss metric and a few others in finding tops in the past few months. This gave me more confidence, if I had not had this metric then I may have kept holding something that lost a lot of value. I would expect to have more to report after another 3 two 6 months using the platform.*