NFT trader threshold


    The label is attached to the addresses that actively traded NFTs recently. During ordinary market this label duplicates nft_trader label. It differs during most active NFT market period and denotes to the most active part of the traders.

    While the NFT trader label is based on percentiles, the NFT trader threshold uses top-Nth value of trades count and volume among all NFT active addresses, with the N number recorded in the value field of the label. The labels are calculated for two N-threshold values: 1000 and 5000.

    Label fqn


    Currently only 2 thresholds are supported:

    • santiment/nft_trader_threshold->1000:v1
    • santiment/nft_trader_threshold->5000:v1

    Label Examples

    The address was labeled as NFT trader with threshold 1000 on May, 3rd, 2023: 0xb7b668c3dd82bbc8708d41146af74d415087969d

    Available Blockchains:

    • Ethereum