Deprecated Metrics

    Deprecated Metrics


    Deprecated metrics are ones that our system has designated as being out of date or obsolete. These metrics are no longer actively supported or recommended for use in current analysis or reporting. They represent historical data points that may not accurately reflect current trends or insights. While the data for deprecated metrics still exists within our system, we do not recommend using them due to their deprecated status. Relying on deprecated metrics can lead to inaccurate analysis and decision-making, as they may no longer align with the most up-to-date information and methodologies. It's crucial for users to be aware of the deprecation status of these metrics and to transition to alternative, more relevant metrics for their analysis needs.

    Why Do We Deprecate Metrics?

    Metrics become deprecated for various reasons, reflecting the dynamic nature of our systems and data analysis practices. Here's why certain metrics may be marked as deprecated:

    1. Adaptation to Changing Needs: Over time, shifts in business priorities, market dynamics, or user requirements may render certain metrics obsolete or redundant. Metrics that no longer serve a meaningful purpose due to changes in events, processes, or stakeholder demands are deprecated to streamline analysis efforts and maintain focus on metrics that drive actionable insights.

    2. Improving Data Integrity: Deprecating metrics helps maintain data integrity by discouraging the use of outdated or unreliable indicators that may skew analyses or mislead decision-making. By phasing out obsolete metrics, we uphold the quality and accuracy of our analytical outputs, ensuring that stakeholders can confidently rely on the insights derived from our data.

    3. Evolution of Data Sources: As our data infrastructure advances, we often transition to new and improved data sources that offer enhanced accuracy, granularity, or coverage. Metrics tied to outdated data sources become deprecated as we migrate towards more reliable sources, ensuring that our analyses are based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.

    Why Do We Keep Them?

    While deprecated metrics may no longer be actively supported, it's essential to stay informed about their deprecation to ensure accurate and relevant analysis. By understanding why metrics are deprecated and identifying suitable replacements, you can maintain the integrity and effectiveness of your data analysis processes.

    List Of Deprecated Metrics