Santiment brings a comprehensive set of metrics together in one place so you can get a better picture of what’s happening with your favorite crypto assets and/or crypto markets in general. We emphasize plotting metrics against price over time, to more easily spot how trends and events correlate with price action.


Traditional fundamentals including price, volume and market cap, plus crypto-related data like total supply, circulating supply, top transactions, ETH spent by the team and ROI since ICO (if applicable)


Metrics taken from measuring social activity on crypto-related forums and channels, plus custom sentiment measurements analyzing crowd behavior. Includes emerging trend words and projects, word clouds to display related words and the possibility to enter custom search terms.


Custom Github metric we created to accurately measure a team’s development activity.

  • Development activity based on number of Github 'events' including PRs, comments, and wiki edits, plus the number of public repositories a project is maintaining


Metrics taken directly from various blockchains:

  1. Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens
  2. EOS
  3. Binance Chain (BNB only currently)
  4. BTC
  5. BCH
  6. LTC
  7. XRP

Includes transaction volume, daily active addresses, metrics about the flow of funds of exchanges, top holder lists, metrics about exchange deposit addresses, MVRV ratio and much more.

Network value

Network Activity

Token Flows/Movement/Activity

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