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By Social data, we consider a set of crypto-related discussions from the internet that we collect and store in the form of text documents. It includes chat conversations, forum posts and comments, tweets, and other pieces of text (usually pretty short). In addition to the text itself, we also store some metadata that depends on the data source: user_id, hashtags, chat_title, etc. The Social data serves as a base layer for various statistics and metrics that we build on top of it.

How the data is collected

We have a custom data scraper for each of the data sources we track. The scrapers collect all the new incoming messages/posts/comments in real-time. We also have a historical scraper to fetch historical text data from the past for almost all sources. We store the data in a NoSQL database, which enables us to run full-text search queries on top of it very fast.

Available Assets

For each data source, we have a curated list of accounts/sub-sources from where we scrape the data. We collect all the available text documents and don't separate the incoming data by assets, i.e., the metrics we build on top of the social data are theoretically available for any asset (although in fact, for projects with a small market capitalization, the level of conversation around them is usually very low).

Available data sources

  1. Telegram

    We track a curated list with over 400 crypto-related Telegram chats. For each of them, we have the entire history of the chat.

    Latency. We collect the messages in real-time (1-2s delay max.)

    History. Each chat has its complete historical data; the oldest discussion starts at 2016-03-29.

    Availability: Used in all of our social metrics.

  2. Twitter

    We track a curated list with over 4000 crypto-related and NFT-related Twitter accounts. For each of them, we collect their tweets, their retweets, and all the replies to their tweets.

    Latency: We collect all the tweets in real-time.

    History: The historical data starts at 2018-02-13.

    Availability: Used in all of our social metrics.

  3. Reddit

    We track a curated list with over 350 crypto-related subreddits. For each of them we collect the posts themselves, as well as all the comments to these posts.

    Latency: All the posts and comments are collected in real-time (1-2s delay max.)

    History: The historical data starts at 2016-01-01.

    Availability: Data is currently only included in parts of Sanbase (, as well as our experimental platform

  4. Bitcointalk

    We collect all the new public posts from We also have the full historical data for the whole forum.

    Latency: The scraper goes through all the new messages once per 10 seconds.

    History: we have collected the entire forum history, starting from 2009-11-22.

    Availability: Used in all of our social metrics.

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