All of our current products use the Sanbase account as reference. Sanbase Graphs lets you directly use Sanbase as a login option, but this does not work for the API or for Sansheets. This is where an API key comes in.

When you make a Sanbase account you are able to create an API key that carries the same access rights, to use with these other products. The access rights that are assigned to this key depend on your subscription plan.

Adding an API key

Adding API keys is done in the account settings of SanAPI or Sheets. You can find them by clicking on the small account icon in the upper right corner which will appear once you have signed up:

In accounts settings you should click on the Generate button to create the new key. The key will be shown as a string. You can copy it and use it wherever you need. The key can be revoked from the same place anytime.

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