SAN tokens

    SAN token is an ERC-20 token issued by Santiment on the Ethereum blockchain. Santiment is a market data and analytic research platform that aims to help crypto beginners and experts by providing in-depth and accessible analyses of the market's condition at any given time.

    Understanding Santiment business model

    Santiment is at the forefront of a strategic evolution, pivoting from a traditional Web 2.0 subscription model towards a Web 3.0 framework, with a stronger integration of SAN token economy. During the transition, access to a suite of tools, data, and metrics remains versatile.

    As we navigate through this transition, anticipate a gradual shift where the utility of SAN token will become central to the operation and governance of Santiment. Stay informed and be part of the journey towards a token-centric future.

    How to Buy SAN Tokens

    Learn how to acquire SAN tokens with our simple 3-step guide and enjoy the benefits of holding them. You can swap ETH or any ERC-20 tokens for SAN tokens. We are also working on an improved method to purchase SAN tokens directly on our website using a credit card.

    Connect a Wallet to Your Sanbase Account

    Easily connect your cryptocurrency wallet and SAN token balance to your Sanbase account by following our straightforward and comprehensive instructions.

    SAN Token Holding Benefits

    Discover all the benefits provided to users who hold, stake, and contribute to SAN token liquidity. This includes various levels of discounts, the option to pay by burning SAN tokens, and even FREE access to a Sanbase PRO subscription.