How to buy SAN token using our Bancor integration

    We have recently added an option to trade for SAN tokens straight on our homepage:

    The same can be found in your Sanbase account settings.

    To use it you need to have ETH (or ERC-20 tokens supported by Bancor) in your account registered in MetaMask. Please note that MetaMask can also be used with Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets. Have your MetaMask ready and click on Convert. In the following screen select MetaMask and click Next:

    After clicking CONNECT on the following screen to allow Bancor to connect to your MetaMask... will get to the actual convert-screen:

    You can adjust the the amount to your liking and click Next to be shown a final confirmation screen:

    Clicking Proceed will create the actual transaction, which needs to be signed by MetaMask:

    Check the gas price, confirm that the receiving address is correct - and you are ready to hit CONFIRM and get your SAN tokens.

    After your transaction has been included in a block, you will find your SAN token in your Ethereum account.

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