How to Buy SAN

In order to use the SAN token with our platform, you need to have it in a MetaMask wallet or a wallet supported by MetaMask (like Trezor or Ledger). We'll describe the steps necessary to achieve that.

Install and set up MetaMask

For instructions on how to install and set up MetaMask, see You will need an Ethereum address that will be used to hold SAN tokens and to interact with the Santiment platform. You can either create a new wallet in MetaMask, import an already existing wallet or connect MetaMask to a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor.

Please take proper care of the security of your wallet. Make sure that you have its recovery phrase stored somewhere safe. In general if you hold significant amount of assets it is recommended to use a hardware wallet.

Get SAN tokens

There are currently two main ways to acquire SAN tokens - using decentralized or centralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges

In order to get SAN through a decentralized exchange you will need to trade it for ETH or for some other ERC20 token. If you decide to go this route, you have to acquire ETH from somewhere (for example from a centralized exchange like Bitfinex) and then transfer it to your Ethereum wallet.

After you have finished this initial step you can acquire SAN from the following exchanges in a single transaction.:


Santiment is available on Kyber via Kyber Swap.



The SAN token is also available on Uniswap.



Santiment has an integration with Bancor which allows you to swap SAN for ETH or for any other Bancor-supported asset, similar to Kyber and Uniswap. To see how to use it please check out this article.

You can also purchase tokens on the main Bancor site.

Decentralized exchange aggregators

You can use a decentralized exchange aggregator like DEX.AG or to get SAN tokens. Using an aggregator could sometimes give you a lower price than using an exchange directly.

DeversiFi (previously

You can buy SAN tokens on DeversiFi. Trades on DeversiFi are more complicated and it requires several transactions to complete a trade from start to finish and to get the tokens in your wallet. On the other hand that may allow you to get a better deal than on Bancor, Kyber or Uniswap.

Centralized exchanges lists several different centralized exchanges on which SAN tokens are traded. We recommend Bitfinex which has the highest liquidity. There SAN can be exchanged for ETH, BTC and USD/USDT.


Please refer to the documentation of your chosen exchange for more details.

In case you used a centralized exchange to buy your SAN tokens, you need to withdraw them to the account you use with MetaMask. This step is already taken care of in case you used Bancor, Kyber or Uniswap.

What to do next?

Now just login to MetaMask, select the account which holds the SAN tokens, visit Sanbase and log in by MetaMask. We'll detect the SAN you're holding and grant you access to our discounts, based on the amount of tokens you hold.

Note: We currently have an older copy of this article up on our forums, where some additional options and comments can be found.

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