Logging into Sanbase

There are two ways to log into Sanbase, by MetaMask and by email, but both can (and should be) connected to the same account for ease of use.

First Login using MetaMask

When you first visit Sanbase at https://app.santiment.net, you will find the login option in the upper right corner of the screen when hovering your mouse over the last symbol:

Selecting Log in will lead you to the choice of either using MetaMask or email for your login. Select the MetaMask option for now.

The MetaMask plugin will now ask you for permission to display your currently selected account`s public data to the Sanbase website. Click Connect to let the plugin and the website talk to each other.

In case you are missing this window, please note the MetaMask icon in the upper right corner of the screen shows little message indicator:

Clicking the MetaMask icon will bring the missing window to the front.

As soon as MetaMask and Sanbase are connected, you should see the following screen:

Click Sign in with Metamask. Another prompt should appear:

Click SIGN to securely sign a message with your private key, hereby proving that you are the owner of the connected account. You are now logged into Sanbase.

Adding your email

When hovering over the account symbol in the upper right corner, you will now see additional options, including account settings. Fill in your email address there.

From now on you can log in by either MetaMask or email, you will end up in the same account. You can find out more about the Account settings page by reading this article.

Login by email

Logging into Sanbase by email is pretty straight forward. You enter your email address and get sent a link to a logged in Sanbase session. In case you logged in by email the first time, you can add an ETH address using MetaMask through the Account settings page mentioned above.

Buying and staking SAN

You are now ready to stake SAN to get access to discounts for your access plan. You can learn how to stake SAN tokens by reading this article. For guidance on how to buy SAN tokens in the first place, please check this article.