Large Transactions


Large Transaction Signal indicates transactions with large value in USD.

In order to filter most valuable transactions for each transaction a threshold value is defined. The threshold is the USD value of the top-fifth transaction in last 30 days.

If the transaction's approximate value in USD is above the threshold value, a signal is fired.

Approximate transaction values are calculated by multiplying the amount of transferres coins to closest coin's price value using price data with 5 minutes interval for each transaction.

List of supported tokens

  • ethereum
  • tether
  • 1inch
  • aave
  • badger-dao
  • balancer
  • band-protocol
  • bancor
  • compound
  • curve
  • dodo
  • enjin-coin
  • kyber-network
  • chainlink
  • loopring
  • maker
  • orion-protocol
  • ren
  • augur
  • synthetix-network-token
  • sushi
  • uniswap
  • yearn-finance
  • 0x

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