Introducing the SQL Editor


At Santiment we make heavy use of Clickhouse, a blazing fast column-oriented database, where we store on-chain, financial, social and development activity data. Apart from storing data, Clickhouse is capable of doing complex calculations and aggregations on millions of rows of data. This makes it a perfect tool to power your research.

The SQL Editor is an on-line web tool giving access to a Clickhouse cluster, containing our datasets.

Basic SQL knowledge is required to use the tool. In case you have not experience, you can follow the very short Clickhouse Tutorial


The SQL Editor can be found at Anonymous users can browse the public dashboards. Logged in users can create public and private dashboards.


The Exploration page shows the reader how to explore the contents of the database, what are the available tables and what is their structure.

Writing your first SQL Query

The Writing SQL queries page guides the reader though writing their first SQL query.

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