Pay With ETH or DAI

When it comes to cryptocurrency tools and services, having convenient and alternative methods to exchange them outside of traditional Fiat options is very much needed to help work toward mass adoption. This is why we offer our users the ability to pay with different crypto to conveniently exchange quickly and easily for access to our services.

To make a payment with crypto, you can choose to use Ethereum (ETH), Dai (DAI) or other Ethereum-based stablecoins for any of our services.

To make use of your SAN tokens while also getting a hefty discount, please check further below.

To make a payment with ETH or DAI, simply send either form of crypto to this address:


You can input:


in the send address as an alias to this respective payment address (see below screenshot).

For any assistance on making a payment, you can contact our team at [email protected] and it will auto-forward your conversation to our Intercom system for quick help.

Note: If you opt to pay with ETH or DAI, any service is available to pay with this method.

Burning SAN Tokens to Make Payments

Paying with SAN token provides a substantial discount incentivization for our users who choose to take advantage of the opportunity.

1 SAN = $1 in terms of value on our platform. At the time of this writing, this would be equivalent to a roughly 87% discount vs. Fiat (at SAN's current price of $0.13) for any Sanbase subscription that you would like to aquire with SAN.

To us, loyal users who believe in and utilize our platform and token deserve to be rewarded. As early adopters, this discount lasts until the market price of SAN exceeds $1. When it does advance past this $1 threshold, the discount is simply removed so users are protected from ever getting an inferior value to USD by paying via SAN. For the simplest ways to purchase SAN, we recommend visiting one of the following options:

Santiment members use a token burning method to make use of their SAN subscriptions instead of transferring tokens directly to us. If you're unfamiliar with what burning entails, it's simply the act of intentionally sending tokens to an invalid address to permanently remove them from the available circulating supply. By burning SAN tokens to make a subscription payment, you must require proof that you have done so. And the process is very straightforward:

Payments must be sent from your address connected to your Sanbase account, as this is required for our team to validate that the respective SAN tokens were burned. From this address, send your SAN tokens to address


You can input:


as an alias. which points to this respective send address. Once this has been done, as mentioned earlier, just contact us at via [email protected], which will open an Intercom chat with our team. There, you can provide the transaction hash of the burning transaction and let us know how you would like to spend the amount of credit equivalent to $1 for each SAN burned.

  • Paying with SAN is limited to purchasing subscriptions of Sanbase, so it's not available for subscribing to SanAPI.
  • SAN burn is not available for residents of the Swiss Confederation due to tax reasons.
  • SAN burn can only be applied to monthly or yearly base subscription prices. No other discounts are applicable when using SAN burn.

Thank you for your understanding.

If any help is needed on this kind of payment method, please let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

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