On-Chain Latency

In order to compute on-chain data, a number block confirmations are required before fetching the data for a given block. Measured in time:

  • Bitcoin - Around 30 minutes
  • Ethereum - Around 5 minutes
  • Bitcoin Cash - Around 5 minutes
  • Litecoin - Around 5 minutes
  • Binance Chain - Around 5 inutes

After the block is considered confirmed and its data is fetched, the data processing can take anywhere from a few minutes to few hours. The upper limits are:

  • For 5-minute interval metrics processing the data can take up to 20 minutes most
  • For daily metrics processing the data can take up to 2 hours

Social Data Latency

Each one of the social data source:

  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Bitcointalk
  • Twitter

is being processed separately and usually doesn't take longer than 1 minute.

The emerging trends are computed once per hour so they become available a few minutes after every round hour

Funding Rates Latency

The funding rates are updated every 15 minutes

Price Latency

The prices are updated every 5 minutes

Development Activity Latency

The development activity metrics are updated every 1 hour with max delays of 6 hours

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