On-Chain Latency

    In order to compute on-chain data, a number block confirmations are required before fetching the data for a given block. Measured in time:

    • Bitcoin - Around 30 minutes
    • Ethereum - Around 5 minutes
    • Bitcoin Cash - Around 5 minutes
    • Litecoin - Around 5 minutes
    • Binance Chain - Around 5 minutes
    • XRPL Chain - Around 5 minutes

    After the block is considered confirmed and its data is fetched, the data processing can take anywhere from a few minutes to few hours. The upper limits are:

    • For 5-minute interval metrics processing the data can take up to 20 minutes most
    • For daily metrics processing the data can take up to 2 hours

    Social Data Latency

    Each one of the social data source:

    • Telegram
    • Reddit
    • Bitcointalk
    • Twitter
    • 4chan
    • Youtube Videos

    is being processed separately and usually doesn't take longer than 1 minute.

    The emerging trends are computed once per hour so they become available a few minutes after every round hour.

    The data for assets is usually computed and it takes 20-40 minutes to compute.

    Data for text terms is computed on-the-fly on the raw data and can be accessed as soon as the text messages are stored in our database.

    Funding Rates Latency

    The funding rates are updated every 15 minutes

    Price Latency

    The prices are updated every 5 minutes

    Development Activity Latency

    The development activity metrics are updated every 1 hour with max delays of 6 hours

    Daily Metrics Latency

    The daily metrics have one value per day. The value is finalized at least 1 hour after the day is over, using the UTC timezone.